Portage County Port Authority

Powering savings on key economic projects.

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The Portage County Port Authority (PCPA), created by the Portage County Board of Commissioners, provides an additional economic development tool for Portage County.

Because of our tax-exempt status, the Portage County Port Authority can pass savings on to economic development projects. That makes more projects possible.

These are just a few of many benefits provided to Portage County by the PCPA.

Loan Resources

Loan monies at competitive rates and terms

Property Resources

Acquire and sell property to economic development projects

Management Resources

Own, lease, sell and construct improvements to real property

Financial Resources

Issue revenue bonds for port authority facilities

Grant Resources

Receive federal and state grants and loans and other public funds

Port Authority Financing Application

Get your financing now! Download our Port Authority Financing Application and then email it to us when it’s ready.

Port Authority Directors

Board of Directors

Lisa Anne Cotten

FGF Properties – Ohio

Scott Hamilton

Singleton Reels, Inc.

Constance Hawke

Kent State University

John Kovacich


Labor Representative

Ronald Lewis Jr.

Jack Kohl Agency

Patrick O’Malia

City of Streetsboro

John Ryan



Brad Ehrhart


Portage County Port Authority



Portage Development Board


Diana Fierle


Portage County Port Authority


Economic Development Specialist

Portage Development Board


Open Position

Assistant Secretary

Portage County Port Authority


Communications Specialist

Portage Development Board


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