Aurora Plastics, LLC

Jan 9, 2023

Founded in 1997 in Portage County and headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio, Aurora Plastics, LLC is known for providing high-quality polymers, industry-leading service, and customized solutions. The company offers a broad range of polymer products, all delivered with particular attention to consistency and reliability and designed to meet specific customer needs through a cooperative exchange. In addition to its Streetsboro production facility, the company has manufacturing capabilities throughout the U.S. and Canada: Indiana, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Quebec, and Texas. Nautic Partners, a Providence, RI, private equity firm, owns the company.

The City Of Streetsboro, Ohio, the Portage County Port Authority, and JobsOhio, through Team NEO, worked together to attract new investment in Portage County, Ohio. In 2021, the Streetsboro Aurora Plastics facility competed with a sister facility in Texas for a significant manufacturing operations expansion. Streetsboro was selected, and the expansion began in August 2022. The new investment will keep 68 and create 29 new jobs.